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Did you know that there are many different places where to donate clothes? There are numerous ways and locations that you can go when you want to donate your unwanted or unused clothes, shoes, toys and other items. Many of the local stores like Discount Outlet and staples stores accept clothing donations. But magazine do not accept donations of these types of items. You will have to check the policies at each location before you decide to donate.One of the most popular places to donate is the American Red Cross. They accept all kinds of household goods, office supplies, furniture, household products and more. The American Red Cross has a website where you can log in and pick up your Red Cross clothing items that you wish to donate. Some of the things that they accept our bedding, canned goods, children's toys, holiday decorations, appliances, Christmas cards, holiday wrapping paper, greeting cards and more. They also accept motorcycles, RVs, boats, snowmobiles, scooters, wheelchairs, sports equipment and tents.One of the other great places to donate items is the United Way. They accept most any type of household goods, including furniture, books, clothes, furniture, electronics and more. Once you visit their website, you will see all types of ways that you can help them. One of the ways in which they receive excess funds is through the sales of items and products. This is another way in which you can help out this non-profit organization. When you donate used books, you are helping the used book collection centers to continue their programs.There are also the United Nations Relief and Development (UNRAD) website where you can log in and select the type of clothing that you would like to donate. magazine can select from the various categories such as men's, women's and children's wear. When you browse through the men's wear section, you will be able to see clothing that has been damaged, stains or tears. On the other hand, the women's section will display clothing that has been worn but still looks good. The children's section will display clothing for babies and kids.There are also magazine in which you can donate clothes. For instance, there are numerous pet shelters who will accept your pet's clothing and accessories. Some of these shelters even have a special area where people with dogs are especially encouraged to donate clothes and other accessories. The pets that come from dog breeds such as spaniels, Dalmatians, French Bulldogs and Poodles will definitely find it hard at first to adjust to their new surroundings, but they will get over it quickly as long as they have something to stay warm and wear.You can also visit the local Red Cross shelters where you will be able to select from a variety of items. The items that you can give to the Red Cross include blankets, beddings, towels, sleeping bags, clothes, jackets, shoes, socks and other accessories like jewelries. However, the items that you can donate to the Red Cross will not include any jewelry. Jewelry is considered to be a luxury item and is generally priced above $100. In addition to the traditional Red Cross items, the shelter can also accept donations from local restaurants, artisans and craft stores.One other place where you can go to with the question of where to give away clothing is the planet aid website. At the planet aid website, you can go to the section where you can choose to make a tax-deductible online donation to the red cross. This online donation option is one of the most effective ways to ensure that you are giving your own efforts - not your money - to help those in need who are in need of clothing, food and other goods that human beings need to survive on this planet.These are just a few of the websites where you can find the answer to the question where to donate clothes baby items and other children's items. If you are looking for a place to donate your unwanted or unused items, you can look no further than these websites. In magazine , you should definitely look to give online because this way, you can ensure that you will have an impact on this world. Your donation goes straight to those who are in need, so you can really have a positive impact in the lives of others while still enjoying your own comfort at home.