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What is an Activist? Activists are the very people we elected to office; people who believe in social change and want to see it happen. In today's world there are a multitude of social issues and concerns that face us as citizens; from healthcare, to education, to income disparity and environmental protection, it is very easy to become mired in our own daily lives without really considering how we can make a difference. This is where activist investments come into play.The truth about the activist investing is that it is a type of mutual funds that invest in stocks of companies that have social agendas that are pro-social and have strong environmental track records. Some of these companies might include: animal rights groups, or those that promote voting rights for women and ethnic or religious minorities. This diversifies the investor base greatly, providing shareholders with a wide range of interests to consider. The goal is to create boards of directors that share the same beliefs as the activists so that the decisions that affect the company are made similarly. The ultimate goal would be for these companies to gain public support and begin to move in a more progressive direction.So what is an activist investing strategy? Activist investments include both buying and shares of companies that have an agenda that is environmentally or socially responsible. For example, some investors are known to purchase shares of Nasdaq companies that are focused on organics. Activist investments include animal rights groups that advocate against animal cruelty or against factory farming, all of which would affect the public. Nasdaq is a perfect example of this because they have a social policy that states that they refuse to deal with companies that promote any banned product.There are magazine why companies decide to pursue socially responsible policies, or more appropriately "Green" policies. magazine like Apple and Nike choose to purchase materials that are manufactured in countries that have less pollution. They also choose to support worker's rights, which are important to many environmentalists. Activist investors can help by purchasing shares of these types of companies. However, the investment of money into socially conscious businesses does not necessarily mean that it will bring about the increase in profit that the company may want.In terms of what is an activist investment strategy, those who work within the business community tend to fall into one of three categories. One is retail investors, who are interested in putting money into small-scale businesses. magazine is to create wealth by purchasing the shares of a corporation, often small, that will grow and offer a service that they feel strongly about. Retail investors will also often take a wait-and-watch approach. This means that they may have a particular interest in a company for a short period of time, before deciding if they should buy it or not.Another type of investors are called minority activists. These are people who focus on issues that impact their own marginalised identities and experiences. For example, gay activists, who have made issues about gay and lesbian rights a top priority, are considered to be minority activists; however, many people would consider them radicals.The last category is what is known as social media investors. This type of investor focuses on investing in companies based on the social media buzz that has been created about them. For example, many people have become vocal about their support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Therefore, magazine who has knowledge about and is passionate about this type of social media would likely want to purchase shares of companies whose stock price is affected by this societal energy.Although what is the activist investor tactics can be complicated, and there are many different strategies that these individuals use to create wealth, there are also many common characteristics. magazine include a strong desire to make a difference, an analytical mind, and an appreciation for the ways in which the world's communities are formed by social interaction. Activist investors will most likely invest in high-profile activists, as they represent the best opportunity to create positive change within the company that they own.