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Depending on your gender, you may not be able to find cheap car insurance in Saint Petersburg, FL. However, most insurers do require single drivers to pay more for auto insurance. On average, married motorists pay $105 less for auto coverage than single motorists. Divorced and widowed drivers also have lower auto insurance rates than single drivers. Interestingly, male drivers also enjoy cheaper car policies compared to women. The annual cost of auto insurance is $64 less for women than for men.For instance, GEICO provides the cheapest car insurance in St. Petersburg. However, your rates will depend on your driving record, coverage level, and more. In Florida, you must have at least liability coverage to drive legally. Getting full-coverage will protect you against financial ruin if you are involved in an accident. Fortunately, the cost of St. Petersburg car insurance is not too high.It is possible to find inexpensive car insurance in St. Petersburg, FL, but you should know that you need coverage for your vehicle. Whether you need liability or comprehensive coverage, it is important to get an insurance policy that meets your needs. You can compare rates online by choosing the company that has the lowest premiums. The best thing to do is find a policy that suits your needs and budget. If you don't need extensive coverage, then just get the cheapest plan.If you're looking for cheap car insurance in St. Petersburg, FL, you should consider your age. The most expensive auto insurance premiums are for people over 50. For those over 60, you'll pay $53 more. While teenagers pay the highest premiums, the difference is only $1411 between the two age groups. Thankfully, as a teenager, your premiums will decrease as you reach 20.Another factor that can influence the cost of your auto insurance in St. Petersburg is your credit score. Poor credit can increase your premiums, and it is important to maintain a good score. You should not ignore the amount of coverage you need to drive your car. In addition to reducing your insurance premium, you should also consider your credit history. After all, it will determine your insurance rates.You should also consider your credit score when shopping for cheap car insurance in St. Petersburg, FL. Having a bad credit rating can make your premiums skyrocket, so you should be aware of this. While you'll have to pay higher rates in Florida, there are a few ways to lower your premium. Firstly, you need to know your credit score. By checking your credit report, you will find out how much your current insurance costs are.There are many factors that can affect your car insurance premium. You must know your driving history before applying for a policy. Your ZIP code can affect your monthly payments. It's best to get a quote from a company that offers the most affordable car insurance. The cheapest car insurance in St. subaru brz insurance for 18 year old , FL is often GEICO. You should also consider your driving habits. While your zip code can influence your premiums, the type of insurance you need can also affect your rates.The cost of Saint Petersburg auto insurance varies. It's important to understand that rates are highly dependent on your location and the type of policy you're purchasing. You can save up to 59 percent by making your credit score a priority. Besides, a high credit score will also lower your premium. You can use your ZIP code to find affordable auto insurance in St. Petersburg, FL.The best car insurance in St. Petersburg depends on your ZIP code. The highest premium in 33710 is $15 higher than the cheapest in 3307. The average price of car insurance in St. Petersburg, FL varies based on your coverage. For example, if you're looking for liability-only insurance, you'll be paying $412 per year. This amount meets state minimum requirements but is not sufficient for many insurance policies.